cat_in_treeSo your cat is stuck in a tree. What can you do?

Don’t panic, cats are excellent climbers and will rarely fall out of a tree. Most cats might come down on their own, if given some time to calm down. Cats are very tough and hardy animals; if yours has to spend the night in a tree it should be fine. Some cats may come down during the night after things have calmed down and when it begins to feel confident again.

 Who do you call?

 Tree climbing combined with handling a scared cat, even if your own, is extremely dangerous. A cat, which is stuck in a tree, should be rescued by someone with both climbing experience and the proper climbing equipment. Remember, your cat would not want you to injure yourself or to become a second stuck victim. If you’ve given your cat what seems to you enough time to come down on it’s own but the cat seems unlikely to climb down the tree, then a professional should be called.


Canopy Cat Rescue – (877) 721-MEOW (6369).

For a list on who you can call in your area, visit and click on “Directory.”

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