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The South Kitsap Community has its center in the City of Port Orchard, WA. Surrounding the county seat lies the 12 stations of South Kitsap Fire and Rescue (SKFR). The settings for these stations include waterfront, urban, suburban, and rural communities. These communities include the City of Port Orchard, Orchard Heights, Retsil, Manchester, Olalla, Burley, Glenwood, Sunnyslope, Navy Yard City, and Gorst. Altogether, these small communities and neighborhoods encompass 117 square miles and set the boundaries for our district.

The district serves an estimated population of 75,018 citizens and is governed by a board of five elected fire commissioners who focus on the needs of the community and progressively set the policy and direction for the district at large.

The headquarters station, located in the Orchard Heights neighborhood, is the central office for the district’s Administrative Division and management team. The fire chief and deputy chief oversee the two assistant chiefs, battalion chief of training, and office staff. Organizationally, South Kitsap Fire and Rescue is served through the Operations Division and a Support Services Division.

The Operations Division includes the coordination of our paid firefighters and volunteer firefighter program. South Kitsap Fire and Rescue maintains a career staff of 72 and also utilizes over 50 volunteer firefighters. These personnel are stationed throughout the district at one of the six 24-hour staffed stations or six volunteer stations. As South Kitsap Fire and Rescue prepares for its future, our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient level of service possible within the limits of our available resources.

South Kitsap Fire and Rescue’s Support Services Division encompasses physical resources, fire prevention, human resources, and administrative services. Physical resources include equipping, supplying, and maintaining all district facilities; purchasing and maintaining emergency and staff vehicles; and providing tools, equipment, and uniforms for all of our members.

Services provided by SKFR include but are not limited to all types of natural and manmade emergencies including fire responses, ALS and BLS emergency medical services and transports, rescue events, hazardous conditions, emergent and non-emergent service calls, company inspections, fire investigations, code enforcement, and public education and information.

General Information

12 Stations
6  Staffed
6  Volunteer

117 Square Miles
Population  75,018
Fire Class  #4/5

Number of Calls (2016)

9,520 Total Incidents
6,380 EMS Calls
154 Fire Calls
253 Hazardous Conditions (no fire)
880 Good Intent Calls
1358 Service Calls
394False Alarms & False Call
11 Severe Weather & Natural Disaster
90 Other Calls
4033 Patients Transported


5  Commissioners
1  Fire Chief
1  Deputy Chief
2  Assistant Chiefs
4  Battalion Chiefs
1  Deputy Fire Marshal
1  Computer Technician
3  Vehicle Maintenance
2  Facilities Maintenance
6  Admin Support Staff
12  Lieutenants
6  Captains
15  Paramedics
34  Career Fire Fighters
1  Volunteer Lead Battalion Chief
3  Volunteer Captains
3  Volunteer Lieutenants
10  Volunteer Firefighters
3  Volunteer Tender Operators
17  Volunteer Air Support Staff
6  Chaplains

Number of Apparatus

12  Engines
5  Medic Units
2  Brush Trucks
5  Aid Units
7  Tenders
1  Ladder Truck
1  Air Support Unit
2  Command Vehicle
1  MCI Unit
11  Staff Cars
11  Support Vehicles
3  Antique Engines